Shaping leggings y denim leggings

We can find leggings in the market for different purposes. Fitness leggings are ideal for running, yoga, zumba, pilates or the gym like leggings Adidas, legings Nike or jeggings Anaissa. The brand for sportswear in Anaissa is called RAFF. You’ll find shorts, long pants, capris and tops.
A very contemporary kind of leggings you can´t live without is skinny jeans leggings or denim shaping leggings. Like the original jeans, denim push up leggings match well with all kind of clothes.
Some brands specialized in underwear also offer a wide range of leggings like leggings Calzedonia which use Emana® fiber like Anaissa but a higher price.
The slimming and shaping effect moulds your waist and hips, amending back position like our style 4200 made with Emana® fiber, a bestseller in Anaissa.

Moulding and shaping tights

In the Anaissa website you’ll find tights for every occasion and season. Reducing tights with push up effect to raise your buttocks, tights that make you lose some centimetres instantly, trendy panties, thigh high with lace, ankle highs, knee highs, stocking, summer tights, winter panties…
In the Anaissa panties collection you’ll surely discover panties that match your style. We have also compression tights for those women who work standing and like to show always perfect legs, as for example our Panty relax Activa 440 which avoid the appearance of varicose veins.
If you look for elegant tights for a party, you can choose a wide range of luxurious lace stockings like our reference 794.
Summer tights, knee highs and ankle highs are light and fresh are perfect for hot days. For the coldest days of the year you’d better choose thicker tights like our 120600 peach skin panty. This way you can wear skirts anytime in the year. Whatever your style is, you’ll find tights that fit your body as a second skin.

Shaping leggings

The Push up Legging 140 den is a shapewear legging that fights against cellulite and orange peel with Emana® fiber. Visibly these clothes are small, but thanks to its elasticity and glove effect will fit perfectly into your body. This legging is not recommended in pregnant women or if your skin is not intact. It offers maximum freedom of movements. Its special seamless special design with second skin effect will provide you a constant micro-massage. The special fiber Emana offers a thermo-regulation and blood micro-circulation when in contact with the skin.
The benefits of the Emana® fiber are numerous like a reduction in the cellulite signs, an improvement in the skin smoothness and firmness and maximization of comfort and wellness.
In Anaissa we bet for a garment that has come to stay without any doubt thanks to its comfort.


The new garments Anaissa Beauty Emana® incorporate an slimming and moisturizer treatment that will help you to reduce cellulite and orange peel. This shaping lingerie and it doesn´t lose effectiveness no matter how many times you wash it, like our Emana® cosmetic-textile shape dress 7002 from our collection Anaissa Miss Beauty We produce in Spain slimming, draining, invisible, flat belly effect , wrapping shapewear.
Anaissa garment are based on technology Biotech_ that avoid the proliferation of bacterias that cause bad odor and UV protection who protects against the damaging action of UVA and UVB
The belly reducing girdle 3203 creates an special effect flat belly. It molds slightly the belly, hips and buttocks. Like fajas colombianas it fits you perfectly.
With our Anaissa girdle you’ll feel a firm control in your abdomen, hips and waist like Leonissa girdle from Colombia.

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