• Women
    <p>Choose the seduction. Check out in our wide catalog of push up leggings, slim leggings and Anaissa shaper pantyhose.</p>
  • Men
    <p>Quality, comfort, trend and variety of product. These are the main characteristics of the product range for men. Find among a wide range of designs the underwear and sports that best suits your preferences.</p>
  • Kids
    <p>Your children will love each other the best. Sizes from 4 to 11 years, delicate garments with the skin of your little ones and material of the highest quality 100% made in Spain. Anaissa for the more children of the house.</p>
  • Dress for less than 9,95€
    <p>Latest units of fashionable leggings. The best price, with the highest quality</p> <p>These leggings, with daring and colorful designs, are the perfect garment for your look. Push up, reducers and molders. : Reaffirms reducing flaccidity and concealing imperfections. Stylizes, molds legs and glutes. Comfortable and flexible, not transparent.</p>
  • Emana® fiber
  • Swimwear
    <p><span style="color:#222222;font-family:arial, sans-serif;font-size:14.4px;">Anaissa bath New collection 2018. Discover the designs of tops, bikinis and molder swimsuits with abdomen control that we have designed for you.</span></p> <div class="yj6qo ajU" style="padding:10px 0px;width:22px;margin:2px 0px 0px;color:#222222;font-family:arial, sans-serif;font-size:14.4px;"> <div class="ajR" style="background-color:#f1f1f1;border:1px solid #dddddd;clear:both;line-height:6px;width:20px;"><img class="ajT" src="" style="background:url(&quot;//;) no-repeat;height:8px;width:20px;" alt="cleardot.gif" /></div> </div>
  • Sportswear-Fit Active
    <p>Playing sports was never so comfortable. Forget the garments that do not fit your body and the seams that touch you. The 'FIT ACTIVE' sports garments are made in Spain with Emana® fiber without seams for comfort during your practice. They are light and ergonomic, and present points of greater perspiration in those areas in which we sweat most. Its self-drying fabric expels moisture out to maintain your body temperature, and protects you from ultraviolet radiation. The collection 'FIT ACTIVE' is designed for women athletes of all levels, beginners or professionals, no matter what sport you practice. You choose the model, we put the comfort.</p> <p>The collection 'FIT ACTIVE' includes garments made in adaptable fabric to offer the maximum comfort and comfort while enjoying the activities in the free time.</p>

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