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Latest units of fashionable leggings. The best price, with the highest quality

These leggings, with daring and colorful designs, are the perfect garment for your look. Push up, reducers and molders. : Reaffirms reducing flaccidity and concealing imperfections. Stylizes, molds legs and glutes. Comfortable and flexible, not transparent.

Dress for less than 9,95€


  • Treggings
    <p>The Treggings are a combination of "trousers" and leggings. They are a derivative of the leggings family. The difference with these is that they are more consistent. They are like skinny but very stretchy pants. Leggings imitate printing of different types of pants but treggings imitate not only printing but they are made with seams and "real" and visible details. They adapt perfectly to the silhouette and are very comfortable.</p>

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