In Grupo Anaissa, we have been more than 50 years manufacturing and commercializing compressive clothes.

Our history dates back to the 70s with the sale of panties at department stores and haberdasheries.

We are a family business that has been evolving and has been adapting to the new market trends. For that reason, we have developed different brands which are focused on different objective targets with diverse and particular necessities.


The concerns of our funder, Jaime Francés, and his willingness to differentiate from his competitors offering always the most innovative product, took Grupo Anaissa to work with the latest technology for his designs, which deliver several benefits with multiple applications.

Our core value is to ensure quality in each product of all our brands.

Our factories have the newest and most innovative textile manufacturing models, as well as, an investigation staff working in our laboratories that study the benefits and quality of the latest intelligent and sustainable textile technology we work with: the fiber Emana.

Emana® fiber is your best ally both when you practice sports and in your day-to-day.

Nowadays, Grupo Anaissa is composed by five brands, each of them helping us to get closer to you. We manufacture differentiated products that reach all your necessities. We select the product of each of our brands for you to enjoy a broad, specialized and very careful range.

Anaissa Yoga, Liposlim, Slimcell, Slimstar and Liposcult are the brands that form the Group and each of them has an individual and specific function.

Go into the Anaissa world and find out the technic sporting that adapts most to your lifestyle.

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