The new eco-sustainable fashion capsule with eco-friendly nylon made from recycled materials.

Connected to the Planet

It includes highly environmentally friendly products to limit CO2 emissions and reduce water consumption.

We support sustainability by using
Recycled Materials

These garments are made with fabric made from RECYCLED material, which does not require chemical materials, thus reducing water consumption and avoiding the emission of microplastics during washing. The garments in the TERRA collection are light and breathable, which allows us to keep our skin fresh and healthy.

Innovation and technology to manufacture sustainable and environmentally friendly garments.

Discover Anaissa

Technology and sustainability

Absorbs the heat emitted by our body and transforms it into infrared rays to accelerate the dissolution of fats. Increases collagen synthesis, helps to have a younger and smoother skin.

Its star feature is that it wicks away sweat and moisture when the outside temperature rises, recommended for high performance activities. It moisturises and firms the skin.

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