T-shirt with micro-massage and Emana® fiber LANA

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T-shirt with micro-massage and Emana® fiber LANA





Slimming T-shirt self-massage cosmetictextile with intelligent fiber.

Improves body posture and offers back support while you exercise.

 Flat belly slimming with intelligent fiber.  Reduces, moisturizes the skin with a flat belly effect, invisible and seamless. 

Strengthens and reduces the belly, buttocks and hips: from - 2 cm to - 2.5 cm in 30 days. Activates blood circulation. Corrects lumbar posture. Reduces muscle fatigue. Improves sports performance. Spf 50+ protection.

Emana Intelligent Fiber® is a patented and scientifically proven technology, through patented international protocols, carried out by independent laboratories and institutes.

Increased collagen synthesis, resulting in younger and smoother skin.

 After its use 6 hours a day for 30 days, accompanied by physical exercise and a balanced diet, while toning and sculpting your figure. Study carried out during two months with women between 20 and 60 years old.

Thermoregulatory effect, avoids the perspiration of a compression garment.

It significantly reduces the accumulation of lactic acid during physical exercise (responsible for aches and pains). it is ideal to use it while doing sport or physical activity, because it helps to keep the abdomen contracted. technology is in the DNA of the thread, they never lose their properties or disappear with washing.

Increased firmness and elasticity of the skin, becoming more flexible and youthful.

Not recommended if the skin is not intact.

The intelligent fiber is an intelligent fiber thread with various active ingredients that absorb heat from the body and return it in the form of infrared rays. They have in their inner nucleus, bioactive crystals that promote the thermal balance of the body and stimulate the cellular metabolism.

Size reducing effect, slimming textile cosmetic properties.

Manufactured in Spain.


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