T-shirt lace moulding GRETA

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Greta Moulding T-shirt with delicate lace. 1*1 ribbed fabric, very elastic and comfortable.

Interior and exterior use.

Made in Spain.





Greta Molder t-shirt with delicate lace, 1 * 1 rib knit, very elastic and comfortable.

Get to know the new shirt that has a strong control in the high, medium and low abdomen, in the waist and in the back, it also helps you to have a better posture; is the perfect abdomen shaper that draws your waist under your clothes. You have the option to wear this shirt as underwear or outerwear. Instant slimming shirt that molds your body with great comfort.

Thermoregulatory effect, prevents the sweating of a compression garment or girdle.

The technology is in the DNA of the thread, they never lose their properties or disappear with the washings.

Visibly, these belts are small garments, but thanks to their elasticity and their glove effect, they will adapt perfectly to your body. The special design of these seamless strips, with a second skin effect. Choose the garment that best suits you and wear that figure you've always dreamed of.

Size reducing effect

Increase in the firmness and elasticity of the skin, leaving it more flexible and youthful.

• Unlimited washing.

• Does not lose effectiveness. Made in Spain.


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