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Bodysuit compression half molder JOANA

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Body reducer compression slimming moulding medium (indoor and outdoor use).

With opening of brackets in the inferior part.

Made in Spain.





Bodysuit compression half molder (indoor anad outdoor use)

Its secret in its special fibre Emana®  which offers a thermoregulation and blood microcirculation when in contact with skin. After 6 hour daily use for 30 days, along with physical exercise and a balanced diet, Anaissa will help you eliminate cellulite, as well as tonifying and sculpting your figure.

Emana garments also:

  • Help to relax your legs
  • Improves lynphatic drenage
  • Eliminates toxins
  • Maximizes comfort and wellness.

Emana garments are recommended by aesthetic medicine specialists like Dr. Alejandro Sanchis Cardona, medical manager at prestigious ASC Clinics.

These girdles are visually small, but thanks to their elasticity and glove effect they will perfectly adjust your body.The special seamless design of these slimmering girdles, with secon skin effect, will provide you a constant 3D micromassage. This together with its cafeine and Karité butter cosmetic base contribute to its moisturising and exfoliating effect on the skin. Their efficiency will not fade away with laundering as they will keep all their benefits as in their first usage. Choose the garment that best suits you and  your body will look the way you have always dreamt of.

Made in Spain

90% Polyamide 10% Elastane


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