Top and sports leggings with blocks and Ymax technology, Maura

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Crop top and legging blocks with Ymax technology, Maura.

High waist.

Soft touch.

Quick dry.



Flat seams.

Made in Spain.

Product available with different options




Doing sport will never be as comfor         

Women's Technical Sports T-shirt, with sports back with fiber emana

☑️ CAPRI MESH AND SPECIAL TECHNICAL T-SHIRT YOGA, FINESS, RUNNING. Scientifically tested in independent laboratories by means of recognized international protocols, with more than 90 people between 20 and 60 years old who observed its benefits in 30 days.                                        

☑️Con Intelligent fiber with various active ingredients that absorb heat from the body and return it in the form of infrared rays. They have in their inner nucleus, bioactive crystals that promote the thermal balance of the body and stimulate the cellular metabolism.                                        

☑️ Thanks to the bioactive minerals in the DNA of the thread, it converts the heat of the human body into far infrared rays and emits them back to the body, stimulating the microcirculation of the blood.                                        

☑️ The technology is in the DNA of the thread, they never lose their properties nor disappear with the washes.                                                        

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Hydrates and tightens the stomach and thighs.

Triple modeling performance: modeling + slimming + adjustment

Tightens the stomach and affects the elasticity of the skin.

High compressive strength

Thermoregulatory effect.

For a slimmer and remodeled silhouette.

freedom of movement

Dermatologically tested                                


☑️ Strengthens and reduces in the belly, buttocks and hips : from - 2 cm to - 2.8 cm                                    

☑️ Reduces muscle fatigue.                                        

☑️ Thermoregulatory effect, avoids the perspiration of a compression garment.                                        

☑️ Reduces the circumference of the thigh by 2 cm.                                        

☑️ Made in Spain.                                        


High Performance Technical Sportswear, 1st Coat. Ergonomic, with pressure-free adjustment areas. They reduce, reaffirm and improve sports performance. Prevent muscle fatigue. Differentiated structures to achieve an optimal state and improve movement during physical activity.

Self-drying, provide a rapid expulsion of moisture to the outside and maintain the temperature. Very light garments, with 40% less weight. High resistance. Suitable for sports with a lot of sweating or extreme temperatures, such as running and trail running. 

Thermoregulation guaranteed.

Made in Spain.table. Forget about garments that do not fit your body and seams rubbing you skin. The technical sport technical top is made in Spain with BioTech_® seamless technology  for your comfort during sports activity. They are light and ergonomic and have certain parts of higher perspiration power for those areas where we sweat most. Its self-dry fabric expels damp to keep your body temperature and also protects you from ultraviolet beams. The RAFF collection is designed for sporty women of all levels, beginner or proffesional,no matter the sport. You choose the model, we put the comfort in.

The RAFF collection includes garments made of adjustable fabric to offer the greatest comfort while enjoying outdoor activities. They are ergonomic seamless garments made to offer a better adaptability and high comfort sensation during physical activity.


High performance.First coat. Ergonomic,with no pressure adjustable areas.

Different structures to achieve optimal state and improve mobility during physical activity

Flat seams that provide great adaptability and comfort

The leggings include inside pocket and lace to adjust to body

High perspiration areas where needed

Self-drying, fast expel of damp and keep body temperature

Fast wash and dry

Top light garments,40% weight reduced

High resistance

Suitable for extreme temperature and sweating sports like running and trail running


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