Slimming firming garments with Emana® smart fiber.

Reduces fatigue and accelerates muscle recovery

Improves sports performance *Improves sports performance 

Highest levels of comfort and well-being 

Anaissa's slimming garments have a triple action: slimming, firming and moisturising.

It reduces the stomach and hips and shapes the most stubborn areas.

They activate blood circulation, minimise the feeling of tiredness and heaviness and significantly reduce the accumulation of lactic acid during physical exercise (responsible for muscle stiffness).

Its thermoregulatory effect prevents the sweating characteristic of a compression garment and dries quickly, increasing the firmness and elasticity of the skin in 30 days.

Anaissa's reducing and shaping garments have been endorsed by independent laboratories that confirm that they do not lose their effectiveness after washing, preserving all their benefits as they were on the first day.

Not recommended (if Emana® skin is not intact) 

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