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  • MAMIMUM- Pantalón pirata push-up para después del parto - Fibra Emana® con triple acción, adelgaza en 30 días

Push Up legging Capri Emana® Fiber MAMI MUM

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MAMIMUM- Capri legging after pregnancy - Emana® Fiber, triple action, get slim in 30 days





MAMIMUM by ANAISSA - Pack Legging slimming wrap, anti-cellulite moisturizing and firming. It slims in 30 days.

Helps reduce cellulite and orange skin. With fiber emanates, it offers a thermoregulation and improves blood circulation. It reduces 2.2 cm in hips and -1.4 cm in thighs. Anaissa's Intelligent Cosmetics Legend incorporates a unique "3D" slimming and moisturizing treatment that will help you reduce cellulite and orange peel. Its secret lies in its special fiber Emana® Offers a thermoregulation and microcirculation when in contact with the skin Proven efficacy after use 6 hours a day for 30 days, accompanied by a balanced diet and physical exercise, Anaissa will help you reduce cellulite effortlessly, while toning and sculpting your figure.Visibly, these slimming belts are garments Small, but thanks to its elasticity and its glove effect, they will adapt perfectly to your body.The special design of these slimming belts is seamless, with second skin effect, will provide you with a constant 3D micromassage. Caffeine and shea butter contributes to its slimming, moisturizing and exfoliating action.
Slimming belts that will not lose their effectiveness after washing, retaining all its benefits as the first day. Very adaptable waistband. Push up effect. It improves cellular metabolism. The Emana fiber is a clever thread with diverse assets that absorb the heat of the body and return it in the form of infrared rays. They have in their inner nucleus, bioactive crystals that promote the thermal balance of the body and stimulate the cellular metabolism. The end result is firmer skin without cellulite.
Slimming results in the glutes, hips and legs. Not recommended for pregnant women or if skin is not intact.

Made in Spain.
90% polyamide 10% Elastane


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