Bra yoga with intelligent fiber YMax CHAKKI

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Bra molder made with intelligent fiber YMax

 Fast drying. 

 They reduce, reaffirm and improve sports performance. 

 Prevent muscle fatigue. 

 Differentiated structures to achieve an optimal state and improve movement during physical activity. 

 Flat seams that provide great adaptability and comfort. 

 They present zones of greater transpiration in the points of more sweating.

  Mold your silhouette in a lasting way.

Made in Spain.





Bra for yoga-crossfit with swimmer's back. Manufactured with YMax intelligent fiber, it is compressive and reducer and creates a push up effect.

Reaffirms by reducing flaccidity and concealing imperfections.

- Soft touch.

- Quick dry.

- Anti-Bacterial.

- Anti-Static.

Adjusts like a second skin; reinforces the lumbar area and corrects posture.

REDUCTOR, PLANE VIENTRE that allow a high power of recovery and adjustment to your body, improves the elasticity of muscle tone.

What is YMax?

They are highly comprehensible, fine and pleasant 3D fabrics that facilitate optimal evacuation of sweat and quick drying for high-performance activities.

Garments made of polypropylene that offer high thermal insulation to extreme weather conditions.

Garments with flat seams to minimize the risk of chafing.

Lighter molding garments, which will help you have more energy and better performance during sports activities.

Thermoregulatory garments that keep the body temperature stable at all times. If the outside temperature increases, the garment will respond by quickly absorbing and evaporating humidity, preserving comfort for longer.

They are garments that do not deform with use.

- Graduated compression on the muscles that suffer the most during physical activity.

- Ecological: It is made with recyclable material that consumes less energy in its manufacture.

- Ergonomic.

- Differential compression in certain areas to improve blood circulation.

- Significantly reduces the accumulation of lactic acid (responsible for aches and pains) during physical exercise.

- SPF 50+ protection.

- Hypoallergenic

- Dermatologically tested garments.

- Machine wash at 30 degrees, does not lose properties with washing.

- With microcapsules of caffeine and vitamin E: moisturizing, reaffirming and slimming.

- Do not use during pregnancy.

Made in Spain


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