Sleeve with Emana® fiber POWER

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Comfort Compression Muscle and Joint Combinations Emana® POWER





Strong compressive sleeves that promote muscle and joint comfort with Emana® fibre and triple action, - unisex .

Anaissa's anti-cellulite slimming garments with Emana® fibre. Its action is immediate: The special design of these seamless girdles, with second skin effect, will give you a constant 3D micromassage. This, combined with its cosmetic base of caffeine and Shea Butter contributes to its slimming, moisturizing and exfoliating action on the skin. Garments that will not lose their effectiveness after washing, retaining all their benefits as the first day. Not recommended when the skin is not intact.

Very adaptable waistband.

 Made in Spain.


The Emana fiber is an intelligent thread with various active ingredients that absorb heat from the body and return it in the form of infrared rays. They have in their inner nucleus, bioactive crystals that promote the thermal balance of the body and stimulate the cellular metabolism. The end result is a firmer skin without cellulite, slimming results in the buttocks, hips and legs. 


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