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Dublin Firming Sports Legging

Sale price34,95 € Regular price49,95 €

Fits perfectly to the pant size

Guia de Tallas - Monos Deportivos
 Talla Talla EU
S 34 - 36
M 38 - 40
L 42 - 44
SM 34 - 38
ML 40 - 42






Legging deportivo reafirmante Dublin
Dublin Firming Sports Legging Sale price34,95 € Regular price49,95 €

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The benefits of YMAX

  • Fixation of the microcapsules to the tissue.
  • Progressive release of the active ingredients with Caffeine and Vitamin E
  • Caffeine: toning, firming, slimming action
  • Vitamin E: moisturizing, antioxidant, anti-free radical action

In order to choose the sports garment that best suits our needs, it is essential to know well its characteristics, properties and advantages of its fabrics over others. But, given the appearance of a multitude of revolutionary fabrics on the market, sometimes we end up confused and overwhelmed by so many options... As points in common, of course, we must highlight that both Emana and Ymax are fabrics designed to last and offer a long useful life for your clothes. This is thanks to the DNA of the thread, which allows the properties to not be lost or disappear when washed. If we take care of our clothes, they will be with us for a long time.

Both help combat the visible signs of cellulite, maintain more elastic, firm and smooth skin, reduce muscle fatigue, reduce the feeling of soreness after exercise... In addition to giving a feeling of lightness. Because, although they visibly look like small garments, their elasticity and glove effect make them adapt perfectly to your body (with a second skin effect).

But... how are they different?

This is a revolutionary high compression 3D fabric technology. Its star feature is that it evacuates sweat and humidity as the outside temperature rises (in addition to being quick-drying), which is why it is recommended for high-performance activities. Thanks to its manufacture with caffeine and vitamin E microcapsule, the Ymax slimming fabric is thin and pleasant on the skin, and helps to hydrate and firm it.