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Slimming Reducer Leggings

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Legging Noche acción drenante 200 den, Nina.
Save 18,00 €Leggings flare moldeador Mónaco.
Monaco shaping flare leggings. Sale price36,95 € Regular price54,95 €
Save 20,00 €Leggings moldeador vientre plano push up, Niza
Push up flat belly shaper leggings, Nice Sale price29,95 € Regular price49,95 €
Save 15,00 €Legging deportivo reafirmante Dublin
Dublin Firming Sports Legging Sale price34,95 € Regular price49,95 €
Save 15,00 €Legging deportivo reafirmante Chipre
Cyprus Firming Sports Legging Sale price34,95 € Regular price49,95 €
Save 20,00 €Set: Legging & Top deportivo con fibra Emana 3D Stone
Set: Legging & Sports Top with Emana 3D Stone fiber Sale price49,95 € Regular price69,95 €
Save 15,00 €Legging deportivo, Natura
Sports legging, Natura Sale price34,95 € Regular price49,95 €
Legging capri push up 160 den con fibra Emana, Lena
Set: Legging y Top deportivo con fibra Emana, Namasté
Legging reductor 200 den con fibra Emana, Noah
Legging capri compresivo, 200 den Nova
Legging reductor push up con fibra Emana, Lena
Set: Legging y Camiseta deportiva con fibra Emana Namasté
Legging Noche con fibra Emana 160 den, Nina
Legging Noche capri con fibra Emana 160 den, Nina
Save 6,01 €Legging deportivo con fibra Emana, Namasté
Sports legging with Emana fiber, Namasté Sale price53,95 € Regular price59,96 €
Save 5,00 €Legging reductor vientre plano con fibra Emana, Nova
Flat belly reducing legging with Emana fiber, Nova Sale price44,95 € Regular price49,95 €
Legging postparto con fibra Emana 200 den Cloé

Discover the Best Leggings and Sports Tights for Women

Welcome to our exclusive selection of women's sports leggings and tights. Here, quality, style and comfort come together to offer you the best experience in your training and daily life. This section is dedicated to presenting you a variety of leggings and sports tights, specially designed to meet the needs of the modern and active woman.

Women's Sports Leggings and Tights: Quality and Durability

Our collection of leggings and sports tights for women is unique thanks to the incorporation of the innovative Emana fiber. This advanced technology not only offers a flat and slimming effect, but also improves sports performance and accelerates muscle recovery.

With a design designed to adapt to various activities, from yoga to running, our leggings guarantee comfort and support with every movement. They are ideal for your active lifestyle, providing the freedom and flexibility you need to achieve your goals.

Women's Leggings: Style and Functionality

At Anaissa, we understand that leggings are not only a sports item of clothing, but also a fashion icon. Therefore, we offer you a variety of styles that keep women active and fashionable. Our designs are versatile and fit perfectly into both your daily life and your training routines, ensuring you look and feel good, both in the gym and outside of it.

Women's Sports Leggings and Tights: Quality that Inspires Confidence

Committed to quality, our leggings are made with high quality materials, ensuring durability and resistance. With more than 50 years of experience in the sector, our brand is a symbol of trust and excellence. Our products are designed to withstand the rigors of daily use and intensive training, ensuring they maintain their shape and functionality for a long time.

In short, our collection of women's leggings and tights is the perfect balance of functionality, style and comfort. Each garment is designed to enhance your figure, support your performance and reflect your personal style.