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High postpartum shorts with Emana fiber, Cloé

Sale price54,95 €

Fits perfectly to the pant size

Guia de Tallas - Shorts Mujer
 Talla Talla EU
XS 32
S 34 - 36
M 38 - 40
L 42 - 44
XL 46 - 48
Short alto postparto con fibra Emana, Cloé
High postpartum shorts with Emana fiber, Cloé Sale price54,95 €

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Our Frequently Asked Questions

What is Emana?

Emana is a smart polyamide 6.6 yarn with bioactive minerals and far infrared ray (FIR) technology in its composition.

Thanks to the minerals incorporated in the yarn matrix, Emana converts body heat into far infrared rays that are sent back to the body, stimulating blood circulation, which generates benefits for the body, sports performance and the appearance of the skin:

  • Improves sports performance.
  • Accelerates muscle recovery.
  • Minimizes the feeling of tiredness and heaviness.
  • Well-being and comfort.
  • Better thermoregulation.
  • More elastic, firm and smooth skin.
  • Reduction of signs of cellulite.

*To achieve a reduction in muscle fatigue, wear the legging 30 minutes before starting to play sports. To achieve muscle recovery, it is advisable to wear the garment for at least 6 hours after playing sports. To achieve the cosmetic benefits, the garment must be worn at least 6 hours a day for 30 days.

Emana technology allows for indefinite washing and use without losing effectiveness.

Emana has not been tested in pregnant women, so its use in them is not recommended.

Emana is a technology created by Rhodia and the Solvay group, patented worldwide. Independent institutes and laboratories have certified its benefits.